Andrew Pepoy


“Archie” & “Simone and Ajax”

Born in 1969, to the dismay of many. After abandoning such worthless pursuits as becoming the President or an accountant, at age 10 I decided to draw comics. Soon after, I met “Buck Rogers” artist, Rick Yager. Seeing that there were real cartoonists out there, my parents began to worry.

After many years of publishing fanzines, and while still attending Loyola University Chicago, I sold my first professional work and was soon working for Marvel, DC, and other major comic book publishers on such characters as SupermanSpider-ManBatmanThe X-MenFablesScooby DooSonic the HedgehogThe SimpsonsBetty & VeronicaGodzillaStar WarsG.I. JoeWallace & Gromit, and many more. Recently I also began working in the European market.