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Our NCS Chapter members are in involved in various publications. Below are a few.

The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt: A Tyranny of Truth

By Ken Krimstein

One of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century and a hero of political thought, the largely unsung and often misunderstood Hannah Arendt is best known for her landmark 1951 book on openness in political life, The Origins of Totalitarianism, which, with its powerful and timely lessons for today, has become newly relevant.

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Buni: Happiness Is a State of Mind

By Ryan Pagelow

Won 2014 NCS Division Award for Online Comics-Short Form

What do you get when you throw an incessantly optimistic bunny into a dark, antagonistic world? The twisted and side-splitting hilarity of Buni!

Always positive, Buni doesn’t understand that the cute world he lives in is usually out to get him. The girl he loves loves someone else. And his best intentions never seem to work. Yet he wakes up each day hopeful.

Together with his cynical dad and determined dog, he inhabits a surreal world populated by teddy bears, cupcakes, unicorns, and zombies.

With few words, these comics rely on images to tell the story, which is often twisted, sad and funny all at the same time. But more than anything, they show that nothing will keep Buni down. Because true happiness is a state of mind.

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Future Shock Comics

By Jim and Pat McGreal

“Not every newspaper can claim to have rocket scientists among their readers. Well, we can. And they love ‘Future Shock.”
– Andy Howell, Executive Editor, Standard-Examiner, Ogden, UT

“Shock”ingly funny! I bought it and I’m glad I did. Our local brainiacs at Caltech and JPL love it, too.”
– Catherine Gaugh, Features Editor, Pasadena Star News, California

“Future Shock is at its best – when it looks deep into the future to give its readers a look deep into the present.”
– Michael Takiff, Author, A Complicated Man: The Life of Bill Clinton as Told by Those Who Know Him (Yale University Press, 2010)

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Father of the Brood

By Kenny Durkin

Father of the Brood – The Brood Awakens is a collection of the first 130+ strips as they appeared online. This specially annotated edition, including the “story behind the story” features the cartoon for the first time in print.

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Pioneering Cartoonists of Color

By Tim Jackson

Syndicated cartoonist and illustrator Tim Jackson offers an unprecedented look at the rich yet largely untold story of African American cartoon artists. This book provides a historical record of the men and women who created seventy-plus comic strips, many editorial cartoons, and illustrations for articles. The volume covers the mid-1880s, the early years of the self-proclaimed black press, to 1968, when African American cartoon artists were accepted in the so-called mainstream.

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Illustrations & Cartoon Art of Tim Jackson

Laughing Matters: The Political Cartoons of Richard Laurent

By Richard Laurent

Richard Laurent takes us down the rabbit hole of current American politics, harkening back to the 2016 presidential campaign and the election of Donald J. Trump. This collection of political cartoons will stimulate dialogue, encourage debate, and tickle the funny bone. It’s a book created to enlighten and enjoy.

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Political Cartoons of Richard Laurent

A Sin a Week

By Steven R. Shoemaker (Author), T. Brian Kelly (Illustrator)

A Sin a Week: Fifty-two Sins Are Described Here in Loving Detail for Folks With the Inclination and Ability to Do Wrong, but Who Have Run Out of Bad Ideas

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T. Brian Kelly